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For driving lessons or more information about the services I provide, please feel free to give me a call. Please note that I do not take calls during lessons, so please leave a voicemail or send a text and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Automatic Lessons

Stages of Training


The training for this stage starts on quiet roads with simple junctions and progresses to using roads with light to moderate traffic conditions.

Initially the emphasis is on gaining basic car control skills and the introduction to teaching hazard perception skills. You will then be taught the operation of the other car controls and will practise their use. This will be followed by the principal road procedures and their application (mirror, signal, manoeuvre etc).


Having acquired the basics of driving, it is now time to put them to use in a greater variety of road and traffic conditions. The training for this stage is undertaken in light and moderate traffic with roads of medium difficulty. As you gain experience during this stage, you will gradually be encouraged to make decisions for yourself.

You will learn how to develop your hazard perception skills by thinking ahead and to assess the changing road and traffic conditions as they develop around you. A good motorist should rarely be taken by surprise, and learning to plan your moves well in advance is the essence of smooth, controlled and safe driving.

The intermediate stage takes the longest since it has the most content, and involves the development of your judgement and driving skill. It also includes learning all of the manoeuvres.


The training for this stage will be conducted on all types of roads (including dual carriageways) and in moderate, busy and heavy traffic.

With all of the items on the training syllabus already covered, this stage mainly involves the consolidation of your skills and the application of them to the most difficult road and traffic conditions that you can expect to come across.

Test Preparation

The final few lessons will be to focus your attention on the driving test itself and may well include Mock Tests.

The main aim of a mock test is to to give you an idea of how the examiner will conduct the test and to highlight any outstanding areas of weakness that may still exist in your driving.

Any weaknesses that are brought out by a mock test can then be corrected and brought up to standard. This will ensure that you understand what the examiner will be looking for and how the test is marked.

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